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4 Dollar Jig

4 Dollar Jig

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The 4 dollar jig has proven to be a tournament winner over the past few seasons.  Your choice of either Round, Arkie or Football heads to accommodate the versatility needed to produce big bites on clear, pressured waters. You'll find its compact double wire weedguard to be extremely effective at deflecting off snags without impeding the hookset. The 4 Dollar Jig's realistic hand tied skirt flares behind each different head design, which are molded onto a Gamakatsu® hook.  Each jig head is powder coated and double baked to withstand the use around rocks and brush. 

  • Designed and tested on the heavily pressured Southern California lakes
  • Adaptable to virtually all types of cover
  • Finesse double wire weedguard
  • Doesn't impede the hookset
  • Hand tied living rubber skirt
  • Gamakatsu hook
  • Powder coated, double baked jig head


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